We are elated and proud of the numerous awards that we have received over the years. It is also a strong testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence and a firm affirmation of the trust that our customers and industry peers have in us. Here is the collection of our achievements for always being flexible and joint together to deliver the best in our products, services and practices.


  • 19th Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs Award


  • Focus Malaysia - Best Under Billion Award

    - Winner of Best In Transparency


  • Focus Malaysia - Best Under Billion Awards

    - Winner of Best Return On Assets

  • Golden Eagle Award Malaysia

    - Winner of the Eminent Eagles

  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards Malaysia

    - Outstanding Category

  • Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council Industry Awards

    - Malaysia's Largest Exporter of Dry Rubber Products 2015


  • Forbes Asia'S 200 Best Under A Billion Award Year


  • KPMG Shareholder Value Awards Of Year


  • 28th Taiwan & 14th Overseas Entrepreneurs Award Of Year


  • 6th Global Golden Solid Awards Of Year

    - Global Top Enterprise Golden Solid Awards
    - Global Man-Of-The-Year Golden Solid Awards