Diversity & Inclusion

We have set ourselves the ambition of becoming a beacon of diversity and inclusion, using our business to break down barriers and to create opportunities, especially in our workplace. We recognize the worth of every individual and we give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Team Building at Batu Ferringhi, Penang

As an organization, we celebrate diversity. Our management takes various efforts to ensure that all our employees can work together harmoniously despite our differences. We have team buildings so that we can get to know everyone in the company better and also to boost team spirit. Company lunches and dinners are also organized to celebrate all the different festivals celebrated by the different races and religions together. We are proud to  embrace our differences.

Chinese New Year lunch at Riverfront Hotel

All our employees working here are never discriminated based on their age, gender, physical disability, race or even religion. Every single vacancy is filled purely based on the candidates’ competency, character, commitment, experience also their integrity. 

Our employees who work together harmoniously despite our diversity

Our employees work together closely with each other despite their differences. This results in increased productivity as a diverse workplace allows more ideas and processes. Besides, more people with differing perspectives and solutions to problems allow for a greater chance of a feasible solution to be achieved whenever problems are encountered. Also since we are working with global clients, having employees with a diverse range of cultures helps us to deal with the different nuances in a global marketplace better. Our diversity also provides a safe environment for all our employees to be who they are and it also attracts potential employees who are looking for a fair and fun working environment.