Investing in our future generation

Children and youths are our future generation and hence we are driven to ensure that they will have all the resources which they need to thrive. The basic way to set kids and youths up for success is by giving them access to quality education and the right opportunities in life.

Reaching out to schools

Though education is not our area of expertise, we know that by contributing funds to various schools, the fund will be stewarded well by the management of the respective schools in helping their students. The fund can also be used for upgrading the infrastructures and facilities in the schools to facilitate learning processes. Besides, we also help the needy and orphanage kids with school uniforms, shoes, stationeries, books and other studying necessities as well.

Getting school shoes and stationaries for unfortunate kids

Most of the youths in our country face a lot of challenges in terms of building or perhaps even starting their career. We take in young people for our internship programmes and we secure them with a permanent placement if they perform well. In addition, we provide them with all the needed guidance and also on-job training to equip them with the required skills and knowledge to fulfil their roles.

One of our current intern who is doing export documentation

Interns bring more to the table than just an extra set of hands. They learn cutting-edge strategies, techniques and technology in their field from their university lessons which can be put into practice. As much as they can learn from us, we believe there will be something that we can learn from them as well. Generally, interns enter the workforce lacking some of the crucial skills which employers might need. We help our interns to close the gap with real-work experience and at the same time develop them to be ready to hit the ground running when they finally start their permanent placement with us.