Strengthening Communities

Our goal as an organization is not entirely focused on profitability alone, yet we are committed to reaching out to our communities in every possible way we can. We always care about the well-being of our stakeholders and hence we are focused on doing what we can do as an organization to improve the quality of life for our stakeholders.

Providing food supplies to a mentally and physically challenged home

Guided by our purpose to enhance the quality of life for everyone, we have executed several strategies in helping out our communities. We constantly help the underprivileged communities such as the old folk’s homes, children’s homes, mentally & physically challenged homes and various other organizations to fulfil the basic needs of their residences such as food supplies, clothing, shelter and many other needs as well.

One of the children’s homes which we contributed to

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused so much chaos and loss in human life worldwide. It has also been a contributing factor to the unprecedented challenges to public health and the economy. It has been devasting for many, however as an organization that is constantly doing well in the midst of the turmoil, we are convinced that we are socially responsible to support and contribute to our state and national government’s initiatives.

Contribution to the state government for Covid 19

We contributed to our state government for Covid 19 as we believe that our contributions will be able to help our community who are affected by the pandemic. Our management also supports our “National Vaccination Programme” in order to achieve herd immunity and also to ensure the well-being of our employees. We were able to provide vaccination for all our employees within our company premises itself.

Covid 19 vaccination programme for our employees